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Buying Dinghy Derrick - What you need to know


DINGHY DERRICK costs GBP £9840. This list price is in British Pounds.  Equivalent to Euro11200 or USD$11250.   Exchange rates Nov 22.


Cost and taxes added

All prices for delivery in the UK will carry VAT in addition to the list price.  All deliveries outside of the U.K carry no tax except as maybe required in each country upon importation (ie. VAT or equivalent sales tax, import duty if due).  The local customs will issue an invoice for tax with the delivery.


Local distributors outside of the U.K will quote a price including delivery and all taxes to be paid.

Packing and shipping

The price includes all packing suitable for the journey involved.   The shipping price will be shown separately and added to the total.


Dinghy Derrick pricing

The price for Dinghy Derrick includes everything required to lift and launch a dinghy, except any special items which may uniquely be required on the individual yacht as reinforcements for special fittings.

The load capacity is given on the web site.  A heavier duty version of DD will be created and this will be listed as a separate unit when available for sale.

Whereas the survey may select different lengths of the main tubes as required, the price for the assembly does not vary so any choice results in the same price.

In summary the package comprises:

1 x Dinghy Derrick steel framework with all bosses, fasteners, carriages, end caps, pins etc.

1 x pair of white EPDM rubber contoured mounting blocks.

1 x 200 metres of Dyneema 6mm rope for use as halyards and lifting rigging local to the dinghy.  The installers cuts this into pieces.

1 x set of electrical devices required for lifting and operating the lifting, excluding only the cabling required to interlink these within the yacht and a main circuit breaker (one style of which maybe purchased as an optional spare).

1 x set of Securing Harnesses and fixtures for this.

1 x set of fixtures required to link the halyards and rigging but excluding pulley blocks to attach to the yacht's own mast or stays. Due to the variations possible it is more efficient for the rigger to decide and acquire these locally to the installation.

One survey visit and designs and calculations resulting from it.

Note that no lubricants are included, but marine grease is required.

(For details of this see Terms and Conditions).

Stages of payment

50%     Of the total invoice price is due at the time of order placement.

We will issue an order acknowledgement and liaise with you regarding the timing of

your yacht survey

50%     Is required on notification that the goods are packed ready for shipment.

Each payment is due within one month of placing an order or notification

Dinghy Derrick to the rescue