There are 2 levels of Derrick removal, if so required.  If not carrying a dinghy, most users will simply raise the frame to vertical, elevate to top position and lock off and leave it whilst unused. The frame is rigid, and also light so has a minimal effect on the centre of gravity of the yacht.

It is also entirely feasible for the frame to be shared and moved between 2 yachts of comparable size, each of which carry the contoured rubber plates in position but share everything else.

Standard  (15 minutes guide time)

Untie the line to the eye of the ARK aluminium pulley attached to the halyard. The cheeks then open to enable it’s removal with all the dinghy rigging attached.  Tie back the hanging halyards in a convenient position probably alongside the mast.

Remove the one transverse link (2 bolts)

Slide off the two Davit Arms to reduce storage size (2 bolts)

Remove the hinge pins joining each Track Arms to the Transom Bracket (2 bolts)

Wrap the 5 members in bubble wrap or cloth and remove for storage.

Mounting for the season is the same process in reverse.


As above followed by:

Inside the hull undo the 4 x M10 nuts on the coach bolts through the transom.

Remove the Transom Bracket and the underlying Transom plate.  Leave the EPDM rubber plate in place.

Reinsert the bolts through the rubber plate and add the nuts with a little sealant in the hole.  This will leave the plain white facia of the rubber plate with 4 smooth round bold heads.